Leavesden Studios, Part 5

Because it was near Halloween, there were some special displays focusing more on the Dark Arts of Harry Potter. 

Each Death Eater mask was a little bit different. 

Most of the Dark Arts related exhibits were near the Ministry of Magic set. Interesting...

Looking at the Ministry of Magic sets up close, I do appreciate how they made them seem cold yet magical at the same time.

Speaking of bureaucratic and evil, it's Umbridge's office!

When she was looking at some of the pictures, my daughter thought that the cat plates were cute. We're only on The Prisoner of Azkaban, so she hasn't met Umbridge yet. 

A close up of the Magic is Might statue from the infiltrated Ministry. 

After the Ministry, we could walk through the Haunted Forest (or bypass it if you weren't feeling like a close, personal encounter with spiders. It felt as if you were walking through the real thing, provided you didn't look up. 

Spiders from above!

Kin of Aragog. Large, hairy, and quite difficult to photograph.

We made it through fine, fortunately. Just past the Forbidden Forest, we found Platform 9 and 3/4. Alas, but this the one place where Universal did it a bit better - you get to walk through the wall there.

I found an abandoned luggage cart? Can you guess who it belongs to? 

The Hogwarts Express was sitting in the station.

The carriage they used for filming was really a passenger car, complete with real passenger car dimensions. Passenger car dimensions are fairly small.

There was an open  half car that they used for filming, especially if they needed to zoom back a bit. 

Did you guess who the luggage cart belonged to? It was Colin Creevey!

Part 6 is this way!


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