Looking at Art Shows for the New Year

At the moment I have a fair number of more recent pottery pieces I have yet to share - but it's more of a backlog of pieces that need to be photographed than anything else. There's some successes, but a few failures, too.

I'm also looking at which art shows I'm looking to have pieces at this year. 2017 was my first year displaying pieces I've made - there were 5 shows I entered and only 2 garnered no sales.

In 2018, I intend to be participating in:
There's a few other opportunities that are up in the air, either because I need to apply or verify my attendance at the event.

I'm starting to figure out what I'm going to show, too.

Some woodland creature ring dishes should be available in the print shop at Marscon and Convergence.

There'll probably be at least one geode bowl available, too. 

As for the rest, well, stay tuned!


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