Victoria and Albert the Third

Victoria and Albert part 1
Victoria and Albert part 2

After lunch, we realized we needed to pick up the pace a bit. There was a bit on the "must see" list, and we had plans in the evening, so we needed to be sure that we had enough time for dinner. 

We hit up the Raphael Cartoons. With the size and detail that went into them, it's hard to imagine that they were part of a creative process for tapestries. 

While wandering through the British galleries, we came across the Great Bed of Ware, which is famous for being a big bed. Seriously. Shakespeare referenced it in Twelfth Night.

One of the things that I really wanted to see was the miniature portrait of Anne of Cleves, painted by Hans Holbein the Younger. My assumption was that it was in the Portrait Miniatures room, so we headed off that way. 

Of course, there was a lot to see on the way. Like that sculpture.

And this dragon-shaped torch holder.

And that staircase, which survives from circa 1522.

We made it to the miniatures room, at which point I discovered the portrait I was looking for was in the British galleries. You know, the ones we had just come from. 

Not wanting to have made the trip over for nothing, we checked out the Theater and Performance galleries.

Tutu worn by Margot Fonteyn in Swan Lake - 1964

There were scenery displays, costumes, and props galore. We would have loved to stay longer, but there was one more thing to find. 

It was displayed at knee level, and is only 6 centimeters in diameter. I can't imagine how we overlooked it in the first place. 


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