Victoria and Albert the Second

The previous part of our day is here.

Next up were the China and Japan galleries. This probably comes as a complete shock, but I had way too much fun studying as many of the ceramic objects as I could.

Tea Bowl - 1100-1200, Northern Song/Jin Dynasty
Dish - 1100-1200, Northern Song/Jin Dynasty

Have I mentioned that I have a wonderfully patient husband?

Of course, there were plenty of other non-ceramic things to see. 

Armor - 1800, Doll - 1860
Like this ikiningyo. 

Closeup of the fabric of two kimonos

Or kimonos.

Vase in the form of polar bears inside an icy cave - 1905-1910
But really, I think I liked this piece best of all. It was made by the Miyagawa Kozan workshop, inspired by polar bears made by the Royal Copenhagen Manufactory. It's nice to see how one thing inspires another person.


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