The Globe!

After Victoria and Albert, we had evening plans - King Lear at the Globe!

While we were in London I had wanted to see at least one performance of something. We contemplated Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but the tickets that were available didn't align well with travel plans, so it was out. Fortunately, the Globe's season ended a few days into our stay, so we were able to catch the second to last performance of King Lear.

We enjoyed a walk along the Thames to get to the theater.

Thank goodness for will-call. When we got our tickets, there wasn't a huge selection of seats available, and we ended up in one of the "Gentlemen's Boxes". They're over the stage on the side, which did occasionally cause a problem with sight-lines, but they come with their own padding, and have backs.

There's the inside of the globe. Rain or shine, the play goes on!

What did we think? Aside from a minor quibble about the ending of Cordelia (though that's more of a problem with the play than the staging), I thought it was great! Some performers were stronger than others, though that's true of many productions.

That sums up our feelings, too!

All in all, I'm glad we went.


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