A Visit to Como

It had been awhile since the Co-Captain and I had been out to Como Park, but since Miss Mads (our daughter) had a special event at the zoo, we decided to make a family outing of it and all go.

While Miss Mads' event was occurring, the two adults decided to wander the gardens. 

There's something about flowers and pretty landscapes that scream "photograph me". Who am I to ignore the pleas of the plants and the trees? My phone has a pretty good camera (better than my first digital one, at least), so I snapped away. 


It was fairly warm out, at much as can be expected for an afternoon in April (in Minnesota), but the warmth of the slight humidity of the tropical gardens felt good. There's a wonderful feeling that comes with the first few warm days of spring, and the gardens magnified the effect.

I spent most of our tour through the tropical room trying to sell the Co-Captain on the idea of trying to grow a tropical plant indoors. He does not appreciate the pure awesomeness that would be going to the living room and picking fresh mangoes (or avocados, dates, limes, or oranges). Or, it's more likely he appreciates the awesomeness of the idea, but also has a realistic view of my attention span for plants.

I love the pattern of the plant frond in the last one. 


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