Yellow Casseroles

I know it's a bit stereotypical, being from Minnesota and all, but I enjoy a good casserole. The original intent wasn't to make a set, but one thing lead to another and experimentation with making lids turned to a set of bakeware. 

Two yellow casseroles
Clay: MB
Glaze: Yellow
Firing: Cone 10 Reduction
Round casserole body
Round Casserole
Both the body and lid of the round casserole were thrown on the wheel. I wasn't going to make a lid originally, since the idea seemed a bit daunting. But then someone placed the idea in my head, so I decided to dive into the deep end. 

Oval casserole body
Oval Casserole
Once I had the round one, it seemed like it needed a friend. The body of the oval one was thrown, then modified into an oblong shape with the bottom added after. The lid was hand built. 

I procrastinated on glazing the two of them for a bit, partly because I was feeling a bit indecisive on what the best glaze would be, and partly because I was nervous that I wouldn't give them the glazing they deserved. In the end, I decided on the "yellow" (all my notes only have that as the name, so chances are that's what it's labeled at the studio I use) because I liked the color and sheen, the variation it would give at corners, and because it's a fairly predictable glaze. 


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