Twirly Swirly!

I'm finding that one of the things that I find really fascinating in pottery is playing with contrasts. I'm also full of "but what if". 

The "but what if" is one of the places where science and art share a common ground. A lot of good things come out of asking that question. 

A while ago, I saw a demo on inset throwing. It piqued my interest. 

Clay: MB with Buff w/ Ochre
Decoration: Light Celadon
Firing: Cone 10 Gas Reduction
But, what if the insets weren't equally spaced out? What if they were all on one side?

Clay: Buff w/ Ochre with MB
Decoration: Light Celadon
Firing: Cone 10 Gas Reduction

Honestly, I think having all of the insets on one side makes it more interesting. 

Also, funny story time. In trying to figure the best dip on the vase above, I decided to try using tongs. Big mistake - the tongs slipped a little coming out of the glaze, and the vase got really wedged. With a bit of assistance I was able to get the thing freed, and fortunately no damage resulted. 


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