Blame it on the Queen

I haven't written about it yet, but Dr Co and I visited Windsor Castle when we were in London. There, there were some gorgeous displays of various state china that had been either commissioned or given as gifts. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed, but some of the pieces are listed on the castle website.

The various dessert stands and their basket qualities left me inspired. I needed to make a ceramic breadbasket!

So, I did, and it actually turned out.

Clay - MB
Decoration - Porcelain Blue Slip, Robins Clear
Firing - Cone 10 Gas Reduction

Honestly, there's no way this piece should have worked. Let's be honest - there's a reason you don't see many braided or woven pieces. It very nearly didn't. The dark blue part above is on a place where the clay had cracked slightly, requiring a little bit of fix work in the bisque state. 

The rim of the piece is matte because the piece was fired upside-down. This way, I didn't have to work on shaping a flat bottom. When clay fires, it relaxes a bit, so why not use it to my favor. 

Keep in mind that if you're ever invited to a nice dinner at my house, you're going to be served bread. For the amount of effort (and procrastination in glazing it because I was afraid I was going to mess it up somehow) I put in in making sure this thing made it through, it's going to get used!


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