Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Blue Polka Dot Dinner Set

I had the urge to do a few sets of things. 

Small Dinner Set
Clay: MB
Decoration: Blue Slip and Ishii Celadon
Firing: Cone 10 Gas Reduction

Sets of things like this dinner set. Tray, dish, tumbler, and spoon, all with blue dots. I'll be honest, the tumbler was a stein originally, but a lucky accident coming out of the bisque kiln turned it into a tumbler. It looks better without the handle. 

Clay: MB
Decoration: Blue Slip Stripes and Ishii Celadon
Firing: Cone 10 Gas Reduction

Or maybe sets of things like this tea set - mug, dish, spoon, and tray, all with blue stripes. This handle decided to stay attached. 

Both sets with penny for comparison

Did I mention the sets were teeny tiny? Glazing was interesting - my first instinct was to spray glaze on to them since I wasn't too keen on dipping them. That was a mistake. The force of the pressurized spray was enough to send the pieces flying. Painting the glaze on worked much better.

I've been having loads of fun. I think there may be more of these in my future. There's something compelling to me about finding out how small I can make something.


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