Hello, Little Lantern!

Sometimes inspiration comes out of accidents. One day I was working on a candleholder, but the bottom I made for it wasn't matching with the top. I was happy with each component individually, but they didn't match - the bottom was too solid for the airiness of the top. Thinking the bottom just needed a top equally as solid, I tried something else. 

It didn't work. I ended up making a third top that worked well with the bottom (which I still need to photograph), as well as a new bottom for the original top. 

But what of the second top? Looking at it, as well as some quick feedback from my class teacher, made me realize that it functioned perfectly well on its own.

Small lantern
Clay: MB
Decoration: Porcelain Blue Slip, Gerstley Rutile, Blue Ice
Firing: Cone 10 Gas Reduction

Small lantern with lit candle and lights out
Lit Candle


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