Teeny Vase

Sometimes my favorite pieces are not the ones that turned out into what I set out to make, but rather the ones that came out of trying to salvage a piece. There's just something fun about the act of trying to make something out of trying circumstances. Maybe that's why my favorite episodes of design shows are ones that involve challenges outside the contestant's usual comfort zones (like the unconventional material challenges on Project Runway). 

Clay - Fire Clay
Decoration - Black Stain and Mac White
Firing - Cone 10 Reduction

Anyhow, this was originally supposed to be a larger bowl, until I accidentally tore off the top 2/3 when pulling the walls. I suppose I could have scraped it off the wheel, but I felt the need to continue with it. When it came time to trim it, I decided to have a bit of fun. It worked.

My favorite part about it is that appears much smaller than it is. In the picture above, it looks like it could be any size.

In reality, it fits easily within the palm of my hand. It's miniscule.


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