Staycation time!

Sculpture Garden at the Walker with the Basilica of St. Mary in the background
The kidlet had a week break between the summer and school year sessions at her school, so we took the opportunity to be tourists in our own area. When I asked her what she wanted to do, she said "Cherry on the Spoon", which, after some questioning, turned out to mean that she wanted to go to the sculpture garden where the Cherry on the Spoon is. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker just reopened a few months ago after a period of renovation, so I added it to our list, and we made the trip! 

Of course, the main draw for Miss Mads was Spoonbridge and Cherry, and since it's visible from nearly all points in the sculpture garden, she wanted to go straight for it. It took a bit of convincing, but she was willing to look at the rest of the garden.

Deborah Butterfield
X with Columns
Sol LeWitt
Wind Chime (after "Dream")
Pierre Huyghe
The Kidlet, taking pictures
Miss Mads brought her camera, too, and she had fun taking her own pictures of the sculptures. She added her own artistic flair. In the picture, she has her camera upside-down to take upside-down pictures. I didn't have the heart to let her know that she could have just flipped a picture over. Sometimes it's about the process, not the outcome.

September Room (Room with Two Reclining Figures and Composition with Long Verticals)
Mark Manders
Katharina Fritsch
Robert Indiana

After we'd finished with the garden, we hopped into the Walker to take a break from the sun (I forgot sunscreen), grab a snack, and see some more art.

 We poked around some of the galleries, ultimately ending up spending the most time in Graffiti Nature - Still Mountains and Movable Lakes, a neat interactive exhibit that let visitors walk through a projected, interactive landscape filled with flowers and small animals. Visitors could color a flower, lizard, frog, or butterfly of their own and it would be added to the menagerie of animals and flowers populating the exhibit.

A lizard comes up to say "hello"
If you sat still in the exhibit, flowers would grow all around you
Covered with flowers


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