Hedgehog and Squirrel

Sometimes you just need to play around with the whimsical. Take your effort seriously, not yourself. Graceful arcs are all well and good, but you know what you need at times? 

Clay - MB
Decoration - Gray Underglaze, Robin's Clear
Firing - Cone 10 Reduction

A squirrel. A nice chubby squirrel. What's the saying - "Fat bottom squirrel, you make the rocking world go round"?

Clay - MB
Decoration - Blue/Green Underglaze, Robin's Clear
Firing - Cone 10 Reduction

Hedgehogs are also nice. The colors on the picture are a little off, but there's some blue/green color on this guy. I don't think he's very fast. Running through loops isn't really his speed. 

He does hold rings, though!

As does the squirrel. 

Someone bought the squirrel at Convergence, but the hedgehog is currently for sale. If you're interested, give me an email (starshipsuburbia at gmail dot com)! 


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