Red Bowls

It's Throwback Thursday, pottery style! For me, glazing is the most nerve-wracking part of the process. You know what results should come out of a certain mixture, but since there's little direct control over the forces of nature, all you really can do is hope. 

So, here's a blast from the past. These are two early pots. I'm not crazy about the form of either, but they were the first two things that came out of the kiln looking just as I hoped they would. The downside is that the red did crack a little (it''s visible in the picture of the first), making it not an ideal choice for anything food-related. Still, it's a combination I'm keeping in my back pocket for later use.
Red and white bowl
Clay - MB Glaze - Mac White and Pete's Red Firing - Cone 10 Reduction 


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