Big, Beautiful, Blue Bowl

I managed a new milestone, size-wise. 

There's a gentleman at the studio where I throw who specializes in large, beautiful bowls. Of course, he's self-deprecating about his skill, saying that he does them really well only because they're the only thing he does. 

With his coaching, I was able to throw the largest bowl I've done thus far.

Clay - Fire Clay
Decoration - Ishi Celadon with Gerstly Rutile
Firing - Cone 10 Gas Reduction
In the picture, it looks as if it could be any size, but it's about 8 inches across at the top. True, it's not a ginormous bowl, but it's large enough to work as a serving bowl, which was just what I wanted. 

I really enjoy how the Ishi is transparent enough to let the iron speckling through. It gives a nice bit of interest to the bowl. 


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