Ready for the CONvergence Art Show

Are you going to be at CONvergence this upcoming weekend? I will be, as will some of my artwork!

Ring Trays/Tea Bag Holders

These guys, the tiny little trays, will be available in the Print Shop. As a ceramic artist, these are my version of "prints" of my larger work. There'll be a few dragon trays, a few space trays, a couple "Plates of Holding", and a few miscellaneous designs.

I'll have a number of larger pieces in the actual show. Some of it (like some tiny dishes, lanterns, drinkware, and other stuff) I've blogged about, and others are going to be surprises. All of it will be purchasable, so if you're dying for a Starship Suburbia original, here's your chance!

That was a little bit of a lie - there will be one thing not for sale.

Remember this guy?

The finished product is going to be on display, but not for sale. I've gotten too attached (ha!) and have plans for it in my backyard.


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