Diving into sewing projects

I'm diving into a few new sewing projects for Ren Fest attendance next month. The hope is that I'll have a new chemise for myself, plus a dress and chemise for Miss Mads, but we'll see if reality smacks me back a bit. 
Since I'm using the same fabric for both chemises, I bought 8 yards. 8 yards of fabric is tricky to manage for cutting, especially if you're working off a smaller space. 

 So, I grabbed an empty wrapping paper tube and used it to roll up the fabric! I will admit that a number of my space issues are very self-inflicted (as you may have picked up from the picture above), but even if I had cleaned off the whole table before starting, I still would have rolled it. 

Rolling up the fabric lets me have it rest off of the table while I'm working. This frees up more room - no big bunch of fabric at one end. Also, the cat stays off it, and it helps cut down on wrinkles. 


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