Frustration Into Creation

Frustration breeds creation - this I must believe, for then the dark becomes light and hope, while always present, becomes easier to find.  

This morning, I am frustrated because of two things. The first is because of the news of yet another event where the outcome was likely disastrously different because of the color of the victim's skin. As humans, we need to do better. 

The second is certainly more mundane in nature, and involves car seats. Weight limits are easily found for seats, whereas height limits are not. If height did not matter, this would be of no issue, but, alas, it does. Just as a child can outgrow the weight limits for a seat, they also can get too tall for it. However, many seats only advertise their weight limits, giving little to no indication of whether a tall, skinny child will be able to fit in the seat. 

So, today, I shall create. There is work to be done on Miss Mads' birthday dress. 


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